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Losing data or suffering attacks on your systems can block. If you are looking for a Partner who can solve your problems, we are the right team for you.

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About us

We are Verxo, versatile professionals at the service of the digital transformation of Customers' IT infrastructures. A lean, agile and qualified team created to dominate the complexity that is the enemy of security and offer a timely response to the needs for protection, control, remote access, encryption, vulnerability management and intelligent security of data and infrastructures. To do this, we work exclusively with the leading brands on the market, selecting the technologies that best suit the needs of each single Customer, without forgetting the human side of business. Because each company has its own peculiarities, but it is mainly made up of People. And because IT security cannot be improvised but only done.

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Our skills and knowledge make us flexible and competent in the architecture, design and integration of complex and advanced infrastructure solutions

The right infrastructure design affects any work area, facilitating and protecting production activities, without forgetting certain fundamental values that must always be considered: security, mobility, dynamism, scalability and integration.

All infrastructures are constantly evolving with changes, improvements and new devices. It is necessary to stop, understand, document and review changes and validate them.

It may happen that you run into anomalies that need to be corrected and fixed. Therefore, our skills are also used to support and solve technological problems.

The definition of a new objective requires to know the infrastructure health and efficiency. Therefore, GAP Analysis is fundamental to understand how it is possible to achieve the objectives that have been set.

Increasingly converging and crowded networks are an everyday occurrence. Understanding their efficiency, traffic quality and being able to improve them becomes necessary and mandatory in order to guarantee appropriate service levels for the business that needs to be provided.


We have chosen to assist our customers with targeted and vertical services that can make their daily lives easier by helping them manage some delicate issues

The cloud (Hybrid Cloud, IaaS, PaaS) is a growing trend as it helps companies allocate workloads and costs while increasing resilience and efficiency. We design and implement it, supporting the customers according to their real needs, in order to increase its usability and functioning.

Un servizio completo a protezione del perimetro aziendale, per agire in modo tempestivo e senza necessità di personale interno: il Managed Defense Service di VerXo assicura la messa in sicurezza dei tuoi sistemi 24/7 con una strategia personalizzata per le tue esigenze.

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Times are now beaten by the number of attacks and Data Breaches that bounce every day between social and newspapers. This service is designed to facilitate IT staff in deciding and prioritizing maintenance and prevention activities from Cyber Security risks.

There is no better way to check your attack surface than Penetration Testing, which detects gaps and deficiencies and offers a clear and precise remediation path.

When chaos reigns, you need to know where to act, how to act and with what priority. Our experience allows us to help you during these agitated phases.

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Expertise allows us to create reliable and scalable solutions that are both secure and protected

ZeroTrust Network, ZTNA, is the new paradigm to be implemented for a successful Cyber Security strategy. With an accurate design accompanied by dynamism and control, we offer solutions that allow you to adopt this new vision without any concern.

Access to corporate network to enjoy resources requires certain control and verification logics. Experience, with the right technology, allows us to achieve measurable and profitable results.

Access to the cloud is increasingly necessary. SD-WAN makes it possible to increase access channels to cloud resources.

Using Cloud resources with modern hyperconvergence systems is becoming a daily routine that requires management, control and a methodical approach, without forgetting where data ownership lies.

It is necessary to control what is moved to the Cloud, regardless of where it is. We can control and govern security for Cloud WorkLoad environments.

Not all threats are the same. Some need more attention and specificity in terms of control and detention. Deception and/or Sandbox solutions may be necessary to mitigate the risk level of critical or simply attentive realities.

Networks are and remain the crucial and communicative part of any organization. Therefore, they must be controlled and monitored with solutions that can detect actual anomalies.